GPT-4o vs GPT-4

Comparing the latest OpenAI flagship model vs the previous one, it reveals surprising advancements to the AI model’s capabilities. 

As OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of language AI, the introduction of GPT-4o has raised questions about how it compares to its predecessor, the renowned GPT-4 model. 

While the two share some foundational similarities, GPT-4o represents a significant evolutionary leap in natural language processing.

Compared ParamatersGPT-4GPT-4o
Price$20/monthFree for ChatGPT free users and inclusive for ChatGPT Plus users in their $20/month plan
Context Window8,192 tokens128,000 tokens
Knowledge CutoffUp to September, 2021Up to October, 2023 
Text Evaluation and ReasoningStrong performance on text-based benchmarksSets new high scores on 0-shot COT MMLU and 5-shot no-CoT MMLU, outperforming GPT-4
Multimodal CapabilitiesPrimarily focused on text-based interactionsSeamlessly integrates and processes inputs and outputs across text, audio, and vision
Efficiency and Scalability2x faster, 50% less expensive, and 5x higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo
User Experience EnhancementsIncludes personalized assistant, file/document integration, and web-based information access

*Note – The above test results shared are the official figures released by OpenAI in their GPT-4o launch post. To find the actual results, you can go through their evals here
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